Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Dental implants have changed people’s perception of their teeth regardless of age. Gone are the days when people cared less about their missing teeth. Today, even the elderly want to have their teeth replaced as soon as they fall out. This has given rise to the creation of highly valuable dental implants that have replaced the traditional dentures. With these implants, people can retain their natural smile, regardless of their age. But despite this popularity, some people still do not see the need to have dental implants. They still prefer the old and outdated methods of teeth replacement. If you are one of them, please check out the following benefits of having dental implants.

Prevents Shifting of Teeth

When you lose one or several teeth, the opening is left in the gum, which causes bone loss. Consequently, the neighboring teeth begin to shift, causing your straight, healthy teeth to slant and become loose. If this situation is not rectified soon, the gum and the jawbone will shrink, causing further bone and teeth loss. That’s why it is advisable to fill in the gaps with the right dental implants. With implants, your jawbone and remaining teeth will be supported to ensure they stay healthy and stable.

Better Chewing

While the traditional dentures are good for replacing all the teeth, they slip and fall off easily. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the patient to perform specific tasks such as chewing food and talking. But with dental implants, the patient can chew food normally or speak in front of people without worrying about their teeth falling off. Since dental implants are attached to the bone with metallic screws, they are tightly held in place to function the same as natural teeth. When you chew food correctly, your body can easily pick the necessary nutrients and improve your overall health.

Boosting Self-confidence

Nobody feels good when they have missing teeth. In fact, the gaps cause distorted speech, which affects a person’s social life. But with dental implants, you can restore your natural smile and improve your speech. This gives you the confidence to talk and laugh in front of people without holding your mouth. Unlike the traditional dentures that often slip inside the mouth, causing you to slur some words, implants are firmly attached to your jaw, so you won’t have to worry about your teeth slipping.

Dental implants are, therefore, good for your appearance and quality of life. They will help you to retain your youthful smile even in your 80s.