3rd Annual Head & Neck Cancer Run/Walk

3rd Annual Head & Neck Cancer Run/Walk

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation Thanks You!

We are excited to host our 3rd annual Head and Neck Cancer Foundation walk/run. Each year, cancer survivors, families and providers come together to support this important cause. This year we will have media attention and possibly Yoga! Register today to join us for this meaningful event! More information will follow including details and volunteer opportunities. We always look forward to this amazing day!

Making a Donation Online

You can donate securely online at our online merchant account, PayPal. If this is your first time donating to the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation, you will have to follow the registration process and complete all of the needed forms.

To Donate, click the green “donate” button to start the secure process:

The Head and Neck Foundation is a 501(3)(C) charitable foundation and all donations are fully tax deductible. 

Special Thank You To Delta Dental

Delta Dental of Minnesota is sponsoring Minnesota Head and Neck Cancer Foundation’s, Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Walk 2022 with a $1,000 sponsorship. Thank you for your generous donation!

Head & Neck Cancer Foundation Collaboration With Kind Lips

Head and Neck Cancer Foundation is proud to announce a collaboration with Kind Lips. For every tube of lip balm purchased by an oral health provider, 20% will be donated to the HNC Foundation. Be Kind to your Lips and Improve Oral Health and Cancer Awareness! Also, save 10% today using code FIGHTCANCER.

If You'd Like to Volunteer, Register Here

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