Head & Neck Cancer Foundation

Saving Lives Through Education, Advocacy and Research

In 2020, the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation was established by Dr. Kademani. Through philanthropic efforts, the foundation strives to promote education, research, and advocacy by raising awareness and promoting early diagnosis of head and neck cancer. During his life-long career as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Kademani has treated thousands of cancer patients and witnessed the implications of this diagnosis. Patient stories are often the same and treatment is impacted by delayed diagnosis, economic barriers, and limited research to improve outcomes. Our Foundation is proud to have the opportunity to impact patient outcomes and aid in the fight against head and neck cancer.


The mission of the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation is to raise awareness of this disease in our community and nation. Measurable and progressive change can be accomplished by strengthening education, awareness, research, outreach and advocacy. Our ultimate goal is saving lives and improving outcomes of those affected by head and neck cancer.

Making a Donation Online

You can donate securely online at our online merchant account, PayPal. If this is your first time donating to the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation, you will have to follow the registration process and complete all of the needed forms.

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Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Deepak Kademani DMD MD FACS, President and Founder
  • Dr. Eileen Crespo MN VP of Medical Affairs, Delta Dental of MN
  • Patrick Horan Ecolab Vice President & General Manager
  • Amy Kalal Customer Care Manager
  • Julie Kline NP, MN Head & Neck Surgery
  • Steve Milne Co-Founder and Visionary at Digital 1
  • Josh Neuman Kind Lips CEO
  • Clark Opdahl JD, Attorney Henson and Efron
  • Dr. Avanti Mehrotra MD Oncology, Hematology, North Memorial Health Clinic

The Head and Neck Foundation is a 501(3)(C) charitable foundation and all donations are fully tax deductible. 

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