Spear Study Club

Spear Study Club Curriculum 2023
Next session will be April 12th 5:30p-8p

Please contact Julie Kline to register
[email protected]

Module 1: March 8

Study Club 101 – The fundamentals of club dynamics, treatment planning and interdisciplinary teamwork. How do patients make decisions? Challenges of implementing comprehensive denistry.

Module 2: April 12

Comparison between restoring poorly placed implants and carefully planned and well-placed implant. Planning process, complex patients, case presentation. 

Module 3: May 10

Treating the crowded and worn dentition. Tooth position, issues of tooth display.

June-August: Summer Break

Module 4: September

Tooth position and gingival levels in the esthetically demanding patient. Diagnosis and treating excessive gingival display.

Module 5: October

Root resorption – An interdisciplinary approach. Create pt experience, research driven approach to case presentation

Module 6: November

Managing anterior single tooth implants. Communication and case acceptance in restorative practice. 

Module 7: December

Funcational treatment planning. Introduction to occulsion, force distribution and TMJ loading.

Module 8: January

Fundamentals of clinic photography.